Passport ID Photo Printer with Smartphone & App

We pay you up to 50% COMMISSION every month*

Your monthly invoice is based on the number of Passport ID Photo Prints you sell each month!

We supply everything you need to operate the equipment including:

  • FREE Passport & Visa ID Photo Printer
  • FREE Smartphone with HM Compatible App
  • FREE Passport Approved Screen
  • FREE Paper & Ink
  • FREE Service & Maintenance
  • FREE Installation with Training
  • FREE Point of Sale Signage

Latest Technolgy – the superior alternative to a photo booth!

Our Passport ID Photos are digitally ready with biometric approved authentication and come with a unique Digital Photo Code for online passport applications at the Government Website.

Our Passport / ID Photo Printer is only 45cm x 45cm of floor space designed with your shop space in mind. 

You will profit from the spin-off sales generated by the increased footfall at your store. 

Passport Approved Screen

Passport Approved Screen is installed to capture the perfect background for your customers Passport ID Photo.

Your customer will stand against the passport approved screen and using the Smartphone and App with built-in ID technology you will take the photo of your customer with ease. 

Multiple images are captured automatically to obtain optimum Passport ID photos on first attempt.

Photos Printed Instantly

Photos print in an instant and are dry to touch making it quick for your customers & easy for you to use.  

Digital Photo Code for Online Passport Applications

Your customers can access their photo during online passport applications at the HM Passport Office website. 

Your customers will leave your store confident that their passport application will not be delayed because their photo is already accepted at the Government Passport Office

No fuss, quick and easy ID and passport approved photos in an instant! 

Unlike other similar services in the marketplace that can take up to 72 hours for the digital image to be available online, our digital code can be accessed immediately providing a secure and instant digital identity system for your customers. 

You will profit from the spin-off sales generated by the increased footfall at your store. 

Used for passport & visa photos, driving licences, bus passes, gym membership and many, many more ID purposes!







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